Stain cover

Adexol Cubremanchas Blanco

Stain cover paint with a matt white finish, which avoids

Stain cover

Adexol Cubremanchas Spray

Spray stain cover paint with a matt white finish, which


Adexplast 777 Blanco Mate

High performance interior-exterior emulsion paint for application to all types


Adexplast Deco Interior

Emulsion paint with a smooth matt finish to embellish and/or

Wallpaper paste


Powdered adhesive for hanging wallpaper, dilutable with water and easy

Wallpaper paste

Benkola Papel vinilo

Wallpaper paste with a fine texture and easy application, for

Wallpaper paste

Benkola Revestimientos ligeros

Glue for hanging all types of wallpaper with unwoven fabric

Wallpaper paste

Benkola Vinílica

Powdered adhesive for hanging heavy or vinyl wallpaper, dilutable with

Floor and wall primers

Blumecril suelos y paredes C-1346-A

Primer/bonding bridge for application prior to levelling compound, on absorbent

Latex surface sealant

Blumeplast látex plástico denso M-20

Dense latex emulsion to seal plaster, cement, stucco, wood or