LABORATORIOS RAYT, founded in 1955 by Joaquín Clarós Ventura, led the modernisation of the sector through the manufacture of new types of glues and adhesives. We are currently the leading independent manufacturer in terms of both variety and volume.

Our products – glues, adhesives, sealants and paints – are intended for all kinds of industrial applications, as well as for professional and domestic users.


Today, we are still a family business with our own capital and resources, managed by the founder’s heirs. We have a unified, qualified team that is faithful to our company policy. Together, we continually demonstrate our enthusiasm and commitment to service to our customers and distributors, as well as a high level of innovation that allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality in all our products.

We head an industrial group with three production plants, each one specialising in a range of products and located around the city of Barcelona (Barberà del Vallés, Sant Feliu de Llobregat and La Pobla de Claramunt). These plants manufacture the specialised products that make up the company’s extensive catalogue and which are aimed at three very different sectors: industrial clients, professionals from a variety of sectors and the domestic market, through wholesale and retail distribution channels.

Our R&D+i and quality control laboratories paired with our high technical and production capacity mean that we can compete at the international level, adding a commitment to quality and constant service to our slogan: The Strongest Bond.

RAYT is a member of numerous technological institutes and sector associations such as Aidimm, Itene, and Inescop and we are founding partners of Asefca.
At the same time, we enjoy a privileged partnership with world leaders in the production of raw materials, which allows us to incorporate all the latest technological advances into our products.

What’s more, our Policy of Commitment to environmental protection and sustainability emphasises our dedication to constantly improving our practices to ensure that all our products comply with all international measures and do not harm the environment.

For several years we have been working under a Quality System based on ISO 9000. The system, adapted to ISO 9001, has been audited and certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

We also believe it is essential to ensure the well-being of our workers and the stakeholders associated with Rayt, which is why we have a comprehensive Occupational Risk Prevention Policy as well as a Code of Ethics to guarantee the application of our principles and values as a company.

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