Some adhesives may pose risks for the user and there are danger and precaution warnings that should be borne in mind. Fortunately, each product has a comprehensive safety data sheet that will enable the user to take precautions while using the product and to know what to do if an incident occurs. Always follow the instructions on the labels and do not hesitate to ask for the safety data sheet of any of our adhesives.

Depending on the type of product you are going to be handling, additional protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses or a mask may be required. Please consult the safety recommendations for each product and follow the instructions.

The room must be well ventilated. Never use contact adhesives around any possible source of sparks or flames (smoking, welding, etc.). The minimum working temperature must not be less than 10 °C. In addition, the precautionary instructions indicated on the adhesive’s label and in the safety data sheet must be followed.

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