Given the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 and its evolution, from LABORATORIOS RAYT, S.A.U. we follow with the utmost attention the extraordinary actions taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as to adapt to the demanding social responsibility that this crisis requires from us.

We are monitoring this situation in the best possible way counting on the collaboration of our team to guarantee our activity and continue offering our best service.

An important part of our staff is already on telecommuting. They can keep in touch each other as usual, preferably by email and telephone, with the possibility of videoconferencing via Skype or any other electronic resource.

All our production plants are working at full capacity, following the internal protocol of protection and hygiene.

Our warehouses and carriers keep ready, as far as possible, to continue offering the service of preparation of orders and deliveries on a regular basis, always under the due hygiene and safety protections established by the WHO.

LABORATORIOS RAYT, S.A.U. ensures the availability of material in all production plants for the next weeks, unless there may be restrictions beyond our reach. The possibility of a longer delivery time than usual should be considered due to some mobility and transport restrictions.

In these moments of uncertainty, we want to convey our firm commitment with the measures required by this health emergency on a business and personal level, and we will continue to adapt to the different scenarios that this current situation challenges us, to continue working always within the framework established by the competent authorities.

From LABORATORIOS RAYT, S.A.U. we want to appreciate your understanding and confidence.

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